Summer is in full swing. Happy 4th of July!

Summer at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe delivers. Though occasional thundershowers yesterday, parking lots were overflowing, beaches were filled with colorful umbrellas and water toys were bobbing along the shore.  American flags adorned bikinis, hats, and waved from truckbeds. This is the place families have been coming to for decades, one of the best holiday destinations in California.  The Black Bear is taking reservatons for August. Don’t miss out!

Memorial Day Weekend at the Black Bear Lodge

Come celebrate the opening of summer season at Lake Tahoe. Our sunny deck and green green meadow are ready for your family and friends. Think: beach picnics, long bike rides twisting through the tall pines, barbequing on the deck, blackjack at the clubs, or plopping in a comfy chair and reading a good book. It all starts as you wake up on a High Sierra morning at the Black Bear. Come on up and play!